What is the content of the course?

In many ways, NLP Trainer’s Training is not so much about content, as it is about the experience. The training is designed so that you practice and embody all the skills taught. As a result, it is the most active of all the NLP training and therefore for many people their favorite training. Of course, there are specific training skills learned.
Note that this is not a course about learning more NLP for therapy, business, or coaching, it is rather a course about how to train others in these skills. You, therefore, move to a professional and logical level above other coaches, consultants, and therapists. Nothing consolidates skill like going to the next level, if you want to be the best you can be this is the course to facilitate that development. That is why these skills can be transferred to any teaching or training situation.

Why Choose Lynda as Your Trainer?

When you decide to do Trainer’s Training it is very important to look at the people behind the training.

  1. Do they have the professionalism, humanity and integrity that you want to be associated with?
  2. Are they models of excellence?
  3. Are they experienced and are yet still fresh and enthusiastic?
  4. Do they have the skill-base required?
  5. Are they people you can relate to and are they available to support you?
  6. Is the training group small enough so that you can get expert advice and evaluations at all stages?
  7. Are they seeing clients so have a professional base for their experience?
  8. Are they leaders in the field of NLP? Are they at the forefront of NLP professional bodies and the continuing development of NLP in Australia?
  9. Are they close enough to the coal face to give you practical advice that you can use?
  10. This is what Trainer’s Training with Lynda Dyer offers you, as well as skills and personal development, you get to spend time with people you like and admire in a small group that gives you professional support.