Could Your Health and Sinuses be Linked to Your Bowel?

OMG what an interesting topic. So why would I write such a topic? This morning I woke up with sinus in my face. I also felt full in my digestive system so I know they are linked. And why could this be important for you to know? Do you suffer from sinus problems? Have you ever thought that some of those problems could be coming from something you ate? Of course you have. We are all aware of the three most allergic foods, Wheat, Dairy and Sugar. While we may love them they can certainly play havoc with our digestive system, our bowel and I think our sinuses. Hear me out on this.

As we get older our sphincter valves in the bowel (that begins in the throat mind you) open when we eat and the food goes down through our digestive system and bowel. As we get older those same sphincter valves lose their ability to close properly and thus some people get indigestion, reflux etc because there is no closed valve to stop it coming back up. So now imagine you have been eating foods that are not totally great for you and they are taking longer to digest and move through your system. They are usually acidic. Now imagine the gas off that produce sitting in your gut. It comes back up your oesophagus and into your sinus tubes because the throat is linked to the ears and nose. So now you have this unsettled stomach, sinus problem, could be a face ache, headache, and general feeling of yuk. We tend to blame outside influences rather than think about what we just ate that did not suit us.

I just experimented with this in the past week hence this article. I was given some beautiful Asian food on Sunday and it was so nice I purchased more to bring home. After I ate the food I was sneezing and presented with instant sinus. By the second day I felt miserable. I had a mild sinus headache for two days and sinus pain in my face. I decided to do something about it so I took a natural sinus tablet called ‘Respiratory Health’ and put myself on a cell clean out diet for two days comprising of warm fruit for breakfast, steam veggies for lunch and steam veggies for dinner with hot water in between. This eating plan is always warm because your cells are 38 degrees so the food absorbs immediately. It is also only alkaline so can clean up or balance out the acid attack I gave myself from the foods I love but don’t like me. I am now on my third day. I feel amazing, headache gone, sinuses clear, mind clear, energy doubled (that is a scary thought I know), lost 1.5kilos of junk, and I am back to my positive mindset in everything I am doing. My liver, bowel, digestive track and general body love me for making that change. It’s your turn to experiment next time you feel yuk. Let me know how you go.

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  1. Good day Lynda. I have previously met you through Neways/Modere. And like your journey in inspirational tuition as I’ve just seen on Facebook. I thought I’d fill in this comment to leave my details, having sent you a message via messenger. Beverley Stowe.

  2. Hi there, I have just stumbled across your post and I believe you only scratched the surface of this subject. I am currently suffering what I believe is a food based allergy which i think i am narrowing down to salt. When the allergy affects me. My face falls off my head, it just dribbles from my eyes and nose with lots of sneezing,then my nasal passages become restricted which makes it hard to breathe. All this happens approximately 12 hours after eating so i am coming to the conclusion it has something to do with an interaction with the bowel ,the sinuses via the nervous system creating an allergic reaction. Hey what do I know Im not a doctor of bodies but a doctor of cars.

  3. Hi Lynda,
    I’ve just stumbled over your article & am feeling compelled to share my experiences.
    I’m a 59 yr old woman and have always had issue with both my digestive system and sinuses.
    After being diagnosed at age 43 with chronic coeliac disease I have been on a strict gluten free diet for the last 16 years. My health is much improved, however, I do have ongoing issues with diverticular disease & IBS.
    Why diverticular disease ? I have no idea as I have no recollection of ever been constipated in my life. I believe in my case my IBS will not allow for that anyway.
    Follow on from that and getting to my main point to share….. I experience sinuses like symptoms each morning, some days worse than others prior to having a bowel movement.
    The relief from both sinuses and bowels is instantaneous. Weird but true. Jane

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