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Good Grief… What a wonderful life I had

by Pugsy Dyer

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The sadness of grief takes a whole new meaning when you reflect back on the life that the person or animal had.

This book was written with the purpose to allow others to grieve and also to celebrate the life of those people and animals we lose along the way. With six deaths in one year and another the next year I decided that I had to look at the life these people had rather than the gap that they left or I could clearly see how people could create a state of depression.

A few days after my little dog died I was so distraught. I remember having the most amazing conversations with the universal spirit. Conversations that had lots of questions about the timing. Conversations that questioned any neglect on my part. Conversations that asked why now? The answers were so very clear that I decided to look back on her life of almost 12 years and think of all the wonderful things she did, places she went to, experiences she had and the beautiful people she met along her journey.

A sense of peace that flooded over me was amazing. I became so grateful for her choosing me to spend her life with rather than focusing on the gap she now left. I decided right then that her story could inspire others to experience GOOD GRIEF.

She now lives on through this inspirational book helping others like you.


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