Program dates

Live intake dates are as follows: adelaide february 5th – 8th plus 12th – 14th. inverell: tba

The NLP Practitioner Training (Online or Live course) is comprised of 120 hours:

  • 60 hours of self-directed learning before, during and post course. All components must be completed for you to gain certification.
  • Plus 60 hours of online training using video conferencing (Zoom). This will be done in 3 x 2-hour segments each day over a 10-day period.

How is this all possible in 10 days ONLINE, Or 7 days LIVE?

The latest advances in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Accelerated Learning Technologies allow people, in an intensive environment, to understand, learn and use skills at a rapid rate.
Some of our most simple techniques have enabled people to greatly increase their income, change negative patterns in relationships, heal health issues, plus become much more effective managers of people and change.
As well as this, you will find your well-being greatly enhanced making your home and work environment more productive, calm and happy. These profound, simple and long-lasting techniques will vastly accelerate your personal evolution and enable you to facilitate the same change in others, working as a coach, if you choose to do that.
The LIVE-ONLINE NLP Practitioner Training is one of the most sophisticated personal development courses available today. It gives you the skills to make changes yourself without relying on an outside person to motivate you! It’s time to take control, feel empowered and live that life you have dreamed of.

NLP Practitioner Training Program

Communicate with Power and Integrity

  • Sensory Acuity – Reading people’s reactions accurately
  • Instant Rapport – getting on with anyone whenever you want
  • Communication Preferences – communicate to appeal to others
  • Eye-Patterns – Use eye patterns to read how others make decisions
  • Learning Styles – give instructions that are easily understood

Influencing and Selling with Integrity

  • Building Rapport
  • Unconscious Buying Patterns
  • Questions to uncover present state, desired state and problems
  • The language of influence
  • Overcoming objections

Introduction to NLP

  • How the brain functions and the mind works
  • Themes of NLP – Profound knowledge of human behaviour
  • Presuppositions of NLP – The beliefs of outstanding communicators

Change Habits and Patterns – Personal Empowerment

  • Submodalities – Change minor addictions and eliminate stress
  • Swish – rid yourself of fears, bad habits and negative associations

Anchoring – Motivation and State Control

  • Resource Anchors – Feel resourceful and positive whenever you want
  • Collapsing Anchors – Overcome frustration
  • Chaining Anchors – Overcome procrastination

Negotiation and Influence with Integrity

  • Reframing & Preframing – Helping others see new view points
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication
  • Milton Model – The language of influence
  • Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue

Resolve conflict and incongruence

  • Metaphors that transform thinking
  • Wisdom Training – gain insight into others’ behaviour
  • Parts Integrations – Resolving internal and external conflict
  • Phobia Cure – Getting rid of fears and phobias

Strategies – How people do what they do

  • Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
  • Relationship Strategies – Knowing the unconscious pattern for deep love so you can trigger it in yourself and your partner

Matrix Therapies

  • Clearing Negative Emotions
  • Clearing Negative and Limiting Belief

Package details

  • The LIVE-ONLINE course must comprise of 120 HOURS
  • 60 hours must be completed in your own time before, during and post course. However all components must be completed for you to gain certification.
  • You must also complete 60 hours of LIVE-ONLINE approved NLP Practitioner Training by ZOOM or SKYPE. This will be done in 3 times 2 hour training segments each day over a 10 day period. I will be looking for your Participating, Understanding, Recalling, and Applying through Demonstrating each of the skills taught in this LIVE-ONLINE process.
  • We will work together to gain the required outcomes
  • You will receive a Welcome Pack with 26 CD’s, manuals and workbooks.
  • You will complete an open book exam during the course. This must be completed to gain your certification.
  • You will require a good microphone headset to receive the information clearly and succinctly without feedback noise.
  • I will be looking for small group trainings so everyone gets the required learnings.
  • I look forward to working with you to successfully make this happen for you

How Much?

Investment: Only $2,999.00 ( plus GST )

Ask me about a payment plan.

This course is tax deductible. Who’s in?