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    The Secrets of Selling and Marketing to the Subconscious!

    The Business Matrix gives you insight into the most powerful part of people; their Subconscious Mind. It is through this influence that you dramatically improve sales, marketing, and communication to create business success. This is an action-packed practical “hands-on” training that gives you skills you can use immediately.

    Learn and Instruct Others More Quickly and Effectively

    Learning Styles – give instructions that are easily understood
    Eye-Patterns – Use eye patterns to improve memory

    Introduction to NLP – How the brain functions and the mind works

    Themes of NLP – Profound knowledge of human behavior
    Presuppositions of NLP – Beliefs that empower
    Change Habits– Personal Empowerment – Submodalities – Change minor addictions

    Belief Change – Change limiting and negative beliefs
    Swish – Rid yourself of fears, bad habits, and negative associations
    Communicate/Negotiation/Influence with Integrity – Reframing & Preframing– Helping others see a new view

    Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication
    Milton Model – The language of influence
    Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue
    Anchoring – Motivation and State Control – Resource Anchors – Controlling States

    Collapsing Anchors – Overcoming frustration
    Chaining Anchors – Overcoming procrastination
    Parts Integrations – Resolving internal and external conflict

    Strategies – How people do what they do – Eliciting Strategies – Finding strategies through eye movements

    Buying Strategies – How people make decisions
    Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
    Relationship Strategies – Having more effective relationships
    Time Management and EQ – Time Management skills that work at an unconscious level

    Wisdom Training – be proactive in problem-solving
    Developing EQ – Clearing Negative Emotions

    Clearing Negative and Limiting Beliefs
    Getting rid of fears and phobias
    Ridding negative influences from other

    How Much?

    Investment: Only $2,999.00 ( plus GST )

    Ask me about a payment plan.

    This course is tax deductible. Who’s in?