How to remain sane over this Easter period indoors

I used to run sports and games camps for children in the school holidays for 14 years. I had up to 55 kids a day. When it rained, we had to go inside into a one-room tennis shelter. So here are a few steps I found that kept us all happy and the kids coming back for more:

  • Get creative about adapting sports into miniature games. We used a table with a box of tissues standing up as the wicket. We used a ping pong ball as the cricket ball and made a miniature bat. 2 teams. Bowler and fielders, and the batters. The batter hits the ping pong ball and it can be caught off any surface. No more than 20 runs so everyone gets a chance. Bowler gets 6 bowls and new bowler takes over. Fun game as its not totally easy catching a ping pong ball let alone when it bounces off walls.
  • Easter egg hunts can be made extremely creative, especially when kids are blindfolded and told that the eggs are all over the floor or back lawn and they can’t have the eggs that they touch walking from one area to another. They are guided by another family member who shares the eggs with them at the end.
  • Obstacle races made out of hoops and material for tunnels, cushions piled high to climb over, etc etc etc.
  • Miniature tennis. Make the tennis racquets out of coat hangers. Stretch to coat-hanger up until it looks like a circle. Stretch an old pair of stockings or pantyhose tightly over the coat-hanger and wind the rest around the handle that is made out of turning the hook part up. Get a very softball. Place two or three chairs in the middle with a blanket over them and play. You can play singles or doubles.
  • Games such as keeping the balloon up in the air while making your way around some obstacles.
  • Board Games are great family fun
  • Jigsaw puzzles laid out on a table can be endless family fun over the whole weekend.
  • Cooking for Kids. Let them experiment. HAVE FUN

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