Healing Your Immune System Naturally?

With one in every two people suffering from some type of autoimmune disorder, and more research and knowledge about how the body heals itself naturally available to us now, how is this possible that we have this problem? 100 million people in the USA alone have, or are predisposed to have late onset diabetes which is now considered an autoimmune problem and is, for the most part, reversible.

That is why I have written my latest book ‘Healing Your Immune System …Naturally’ because I am living proof that we can heal ourselves when we have the knowledge and make the decision to do so. In the last 5 years I have gathered so much information and I am sharing that information in this book so you can make whatever changes you want to make to your health. Of course everything is a choice.

Let me share with you the Introduction to the book here:

Autoimmune disease is the imbalance of the immune system. I have come to understand from my research that it is possible that one in every two people have, in fact an autoimmune related disorder. This imbalance is now recognized as presenting in over 80 plus types of disorders. It is time to find out what is going on and how can we proactively get and stay well by choosing a healthier daily diet and lifestyle.

Jonathon Otto, in his latest ‘Autoimmune Secrets,’ series with over 20 professional contributors, states that; “Some of the 80 plus types of autoimmune diseases include; diabetes, depression, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s, eczema, and lots of other disorders stem from an unwell immune system.” The research also talks about the new drugs used to fight these numerous immune disorders and how these drugs could possibly create an autoimmune disorder making the person even more unwell.

I have come to understand that the wellness of humans is a cellular issue. While I am not ignoring the onslaught of the external and internal triggers such as; parasites, mold, pharmaceuticals, genetic expression, fatty liver, leaky gut, mental and emotional stressors to name a few, Today, there is  so much more information, research and science available on Epigenetics, DNA and the human cells; how they function, communicate, become unwell, duplicate or die.

I felt compelled to write this book and update the information that I first introduced in my book, ‘Life After Lupus …Healing Your Immune System.’ How blessed are we that we have so much more information to draw from particularly in the last five years?

Dr. Gary L Samuelson states in his book, ‘The Science of Healing Revealed,’ Published as recently as 2009 that “More and more emerging science is showing that daily diet and lifestyle is absolutely essential for maintaining good health and avoiding potential health problems. Eating natural, non-processed foods and minimizing the use of drugs might not be so popular with the convenience-based food and drug markets, but it will help us maintain good health and is based on science that is becoming very popular with knowledgeable professionals.” Dr. Samuelson goes on to report that, “Gradually the paradigm is shifting and health and nutritional markets are following. We owe it to ourselves to search out and make available the latest advances in medical science and to use this knowledge to our greatest advantage.

With this new medical research, knowledge and findings, you can absolutely make a choice to proactively live a healthier lifestyle. By choosing to be more aware of your own body and overall health, you too can become healthier, more energized and happier over all. In fact, I suggest that you are likely to live a longer life in a more productive and well state. I am not offering you anything more than what I am doing to myself. I had an autoimmune disease for more than 14 years. Today, I am well and continue to stay well because I am encouraged the more I research the Immune System the more excited I get about the possibilities of continued wellness. Now it’s time to share my learnings with you so you are empowered to make better lifestyle choices for yourself.

I obviously cannot bring ALL the new research here in one update however; I will do my best to bring you the most recent research on the subject of healing your immune system naturally.  I have also included many great contacts that I have discovered along my own personal journey, so that you can pursue what may work for you.

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