Couples Coaching (face to face or online)

So what is Couples Coaching?

It is identifying the strategies and limitations in a combination of individual and group sessions to identify the challenges and reignite the love and appreciation you once had for each other. Through clearing unwanted past events, anchors, and emotions we can assist you to break through the blocks to happier and more meaningful communication.

Why should you have Couples Coaching?

To reignite the relationship and respect, agree, and/or appreciate the other person’s perceptions. Through this we get a whole new appreciation for how others think, feel, and communicate.

How do we do Couples Coaching?

We bring you together to ascertain what is exactly going on in the relationship. From there we set a plan that we all work on together to achieve the results you want. Each couple is unique so all processes and plans are uniquely formulated to suit you.

Who would get benefit from Couples coaching?

  • Husband and wives or partners
  • Parents and children
  • Children and others
  • Bosses and work colleagues
  • Anyone in a relationship

When would you benefit from Couples Coaching?

When you can see, or feel a tension that is not resolving itself through various methods you are trying and you would like the relationship to improve.

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From an NLP point of view there are mainly three reasons relationships have concerns or end:

  1. Communication differences
  2. Negative past emotions and events that have been anchored
  3. Unfulfilled strategies that have not yet been fulfilled in the relationship

NLP has some very successful skills, tools, and processes that allow us to discover what is going on and enable reconnecting.  A combination of individual and couple therapy, resetting anchors, values, goals, and removing unwanted negative emotions and past events.  If you want this relationship to work then we have the ability to assist you to do just that.  With a 100% success rate to date, we would be happy to work with you and your partner, family, or work members.

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