“Thank you for your patience” has been a more common expression these days, replacing the “Sorry for the Wait”, which probably aggravated a few people over time. The Macquarie Dictionary says ‘Patience’ is ‘calm and uncomplaining endurance’. It is to have a sense of ‘calmness in waiting; have patience a little longer’. When we use …

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Choosing Confidence

written by Lynda Dyer specifically for being published in Rural Women What an interesting topic this is. Why confidence? What does it feel like to be confident? I would imagine this has so many variables. Confidence to one person could be taking their first step while confidence to someone else is flying. When I was …

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Coaches Getting Great Results

A coaching business is the hardest and the easiest business to start according to Christian Mickelsen. Moving forward from my last article on RESULTS, I would like to specifically address coaches because that is my passion….training the trainer/coach. So when you are choosing your niche market what comes up for you? Here are some ideas. …

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The 7 P’s of Writing a Book

Pen your ideas on paper. Whenever you have an idea, write it down or put it in the Notes section of your Ipad. That way you have it kept to expand on later. Prepare yourself to put some time aside to make this book happen. It can be one of the most challenging and yet …

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Transform Your Brilliance

You were born brilliant. Yes you were. You were a gurgly happy baby with no inhibitions, a positive outlook on what was ahead and open to learning all you could so you could achieve and be, do and have whatever was to come your way. Click here

What is it like to be FEARLESS?

That was the question asked this week on the Living Consciously.TV show that we did last Saturday afternoon in the USA and Sunday morning Australian time. Fear is one of the Basic Survival Emotions. The purpose of this primary emotion is to assist us to trigger a response that may help us survive in the …

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Manipulation VS Influence

This topic has been kicked around for a long time in relation to SALES. So let’s look at this and see where it sits with you. Influence is about the power to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something according to Bernie Dymet at The Hive. It’s the power …

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