Being At Cause Webinar

Emotional Clearing Webinar

Believing in You to Be at Cause

– Dr John Demartini speaks constantly about Wealth. Wealth comes from a Welsh word meaning Well-being and self governance, “Being at Cause” for your vision and your actions. He goes on to say that the inspiration comes from within you. “If you have the capacity to see the vision, then you will have the capacity to manifest …

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Living In An Effect World

– We need to understand a way of thinking, a way of behaving to receive a way of abundant living. Both Bob Proctor and John Assaraf said that Physics is how the Physical Laws of the Universe Work. When we apply these laws we can put a person on the moon. Quantum Physics is how …

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Clearing Limiting Beliefs

A belief that is limiting is only limited by us. If we have a desire to do something and we don’t believe we can do that, then that is a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs tend to be linked around three states: Hopelessness – a feeling that no-one can do it Helplessness – I can’t do …

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