Heart of the Matter

With 90% of women in Australia having one risk factor of heart disease, when I was asked to write an article on The Heart I jumped at it. Whenever I write these articles, I think of these areas that, when we understand them more, we can make better ... Read More


Boosting Your Immune System this Winter

Having just returned from my third trip around Australia talking about Immune Health, I find it frightening to even think of some of the medications that people are on to assist them with their auto immune disease. I have never been able to ... Read More


Antioxidants Inside and Out…Some Amazing Benefits

Recently I fell over, walking in the dark to the beach. I grazed my right knee quite badly and my two hands from landing on the pavement. It’s what I did after that that I would like to talk about. I remember years ago when I was working with Dr Shan ... Read More