Stress, Heart and Brain Health through Winter

ONLY YOU "DO" STRESS….Nobody does stress for you without your consent. When you are stressed you are 5 times more likely to have a blood pressure problem. This obviously affects the health of your heart, brain and the whole body. Stress comes in ... Read More

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Heart, Brain Communication and EMF’s

Last year I went to the Naturopath saying I was flying under the radar as to my health. I couldn’t put my finger on why that was happening. At first neither could she until she had a ‘aha’ moment saying “It could be the electromagnetic field you are ... Read More


Heart of the Matter – PART 2

Hormones, Emotions and the Heart How do emotions affect your heart? Are unresolved emotions affecting your health and your heart? Emotions drive our behaviour and motivate our success. Research from Germany shows how each emotion has a particular ... Read More